or why I refuse to travel during summer and rather stay at home

Ohhh Yeah! Summer is here! You looking forward?

I hope you are not that kind of person, who is always complaining about being toooo hot! Or? 

Summer is great, though! We all know that. Days are hot and lazy, evenings are long and nights are warm and sometimes crazy. People are smiling, always looking forward to something - weekend, vacation, festivals,.. and the atmosphere is great.

Everything just seems better in summer (or at the beach! Right?). At least to me!


Here is my favorite summer song for you:

OK, ok! I am sorry. I lied! I lied straight at the headline. Hoooops! 

I am not going to be grounded at home literally but for sure I am going to stay in Slovakia. I love summers in my country and here are few reasons why:


Oh yeah! I am a super-duper FESTIVAL LOVER!! Since my 15, there was no summer without festivals. NO way! Wonderful weekends beyond every days reality, full of good music, cold beer, camping and friends. Yes! Just great. 

This summer I am planning on going to 3 and thinking about few more.

For sure I am not going to miss my beloved festival POHODA. This year it’s gonna be my 13th turnout. Yes – 13th time!!! (yeah I am probably getting old... but aren’t we all?) Pohoda is a holiday for me. Annual holiday full of joy and peace. Somebody’s got Christmas I’ve got Pohoda. Pohoda is love. It’s a place full of good vibes, various experiences and happy people. No stress. You can meet utterly anybody – from parents with babies up to old rockers. Pohoda means happiness and love shared by thirty thousand people. YES!

Likewise I won’t miss another one – GRAPE FESTIVAL which is more a party kind of festival and the atmosphere there is completely different than at Pohoda, but still beautiful and magical. There wasn’t a one year when this festival had a good weather, but even dancing in the rain boots till the sunrise is a quite an experience.

This year I  finally made a decision to go to UPRISING FESTIVAL for the first time ever. I am not quite sure what I can expect from that but I am pretty sure it will be worth it. I can’t wait!


Amphitheatre! OMG! How much I love this kind of cinema! I don’t usually go to a cinema all year long because either I have no time or I really don’t feel like to do so, but as soon as an amphitheatre opens the season, I am there almost all the time. Sometimes I even go to see the same movie twice… Yeah.. I am crazy but I really do love it! Fresh air, stars above, popcorn, beer and THAT atmosphere! Freedom! You spread your blanket wherever you want, put your feet up and keep watching. Amphitheatres have always had their own magical charm. Everyone can understand there that „watching a movie“ and „watching a movie at an amphitheatre" makes a huge difference. 

Those who haven’t been at an amphitheatre this season yet - go!!! Grab the blanket, some friends and go. It’s well worth it. 


Spontaneous night swimming in a lake? Evening barbeque somehow lasting till the dawn? Night hike through a forest to a observation tower to see a sunrise? Camping with friends by a lake or in a forest? Oh! There are so many things to do that I could go on and on till the end of the summer. I really look forward to all those crazy ideas of my friends or my own. Those warm nights literally lure us OUT. So don’t just sit at home – you, yes you – go out there and enjoy yourself and all those things you cannot get in the winter. 


Every summer I whip out at some nice place here in my home country but this year is different. I have decided to take it in a big style – and make it happen by hitchhiking. It’s gonna be a big trip across our small-big Slovakia. YEAAAH it’s gonna be FUN!

I am taking with me my baggageman (ha, he is not gonna carry anything anymore for me after he sees this), my longboard, a camera and hooray out there to get my homeland know better! 


Stay tuned for pics!

And what about you? What’s your plan for this summer? Hope you look forward at least as much as I do. 

Thanks for reading!

Wish you a wonderful summertime!

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